Green economy and Eco-innovation

 Master in Business Strategy and Marketing. Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha

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The seminar-workshop  was aimed to introduce alternative but applied approaches for green business based in ecological economics theory. The seminar are oriented to foster the participants to link general concept as innovation, management and environment into a multi actor context while interacting through problem solving exercises which facilitates the debate and the elaboration of a more integrated idea by developing a business project idea.

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Corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Master in Management of Science and Innovation – INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)

Strategies and actions of companies and organizations to the environmental and social problems. The responsible company and sustainable operation. Business ethics and corporate reputation. Corporate Social Responsibility in the strategic management of companies and other organizations. Management of Social Responsibility Corporate and sustainability and its relation to environmental innovation and social innovation, eco-efficiency and eco-design. Eco-innovation, consumption patterns and environmental policies. Determinants of sustainable consumption patterns and behavior.


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Master in Management of Science and Innovation

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Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) and competence-based training in Chile

Competence-based Postgraduate course  for policy officers on Innovation and Territory

Secretariat for Regional and Administrative Development (SUBDERE) Chile

In 2012-2013 I have the inspiring experience of being the coordinator of blended professional course for more than 80 academics and R&D regional officers of 14 Chilean regions. The main area of interest are regional system of innovation and policy instruments. The initiative was part of the Proyecto RED (2010-2013) by which the EU supported Chilean government and regions  to develop regional innovation polices through the use of the EU RIS methodology, currently Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3).

Organization of intensive workshops designed with techniques to foster networking, collaboration and problem solving mechanism. With that respect, one of the most interesting challenge was the application of Dutch techniques to fostering dynamics among groups of participants from very different Chileans regions. Nice experience


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Best practices in cooperation University-Business for development

Postgraduate blended course. OEI – AECID – INGENIO(CSIC-UPV)

This blended course was one of my first experience as academic tutor by delivering training trough online educational platforms. I enjoyed the process of designing and implementing training materials as well as exploring different forms of interaction with the participants. The course is aimed to provide knowledge and methodologies needed to develop professionally planning and management of cooperation within the socioeconomic environment by focusing in Private and Public Research interaction.

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OEI course

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