Visual toolbox for system innovation

System innovation and Climate Change addresses practitioners’ demand of adaptable and flexible tools easy to transfer to their challenges and problems.

Practitioners are targeted as users of practice-base knowledge who carry on activities in SMEs, applied research, NGOs as well as local and regional governments.

The learning approach is based in modular elements and blended format which, in practice, facilitates more horizontal interactions to work on challenges related to problem owner’s competences.

Active blended means that practice-based knowledge is introduced by the application of tools on the users’ cases as part of a problem-solving process. The tools are introduced by practitioner-oriented explanations through a multi-format learning platform.

The Visual toolbox booklet

“Visual toolbox for system innovation” is a booklet-format collection of ready-to-implement tools to structure and manage the challenges and exploit opportunities of sustainability innovations and transitions.

The tools are presented in a simple and visual approach with the purpose of supporting practitioners’ every-day work on climate change, transition and system innovation.

Download the Visual toolbox here

De Vicente Lopez, Javier and Matti, Cristian (2016). Visual toolbox for system innovation. A resource book for practitioners to map, analyse and facilitate sustainability transitions. Transition Hub Series. EIT Climate KIC, Brussels 2016. ISBN 978-2-9601874-1-0

The eLearning material

Multimedia eLearning nuggets has been developed as part of the blended approach. they are aimed to contribute to the design and implementation of trainings and capacity building process.

Access to the EIT Climate KIC eLearning portal: System Innovation 

Academic presentations

  • European Conference on Education 2016 (UK)
  • Future of Education conference 2017 (Italy)

      See Abstract


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